Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society


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Our Mission:

promote the protection and preservation of bat species in Peachland, and to educate the public as a means of achieving these goals.

We need the public's help! Let's #SavetheBats!

Thank you to the Peachland Chamber of Commerce 

and those who voted for BEEPS!

We were awarded the 

Business Excellence Award for Excellence in Tourism/Hospitality of 2017!

(Not pictured - Patrick, Rachel & Doreen)


The 2018 Bat Counts have begun!

Join the BEEPS peeps for bat counts every Friday before dusk!

See the Bat Counts page for more details.

June 1st - Count: 625 

This was low due to high winds and rain.

June 15th - Count: 1092

June 19th - Count: 861

This was low due to a short count time of 35 mins.

July 13- Count: 1285

Some of the babies started flying at this point, however, the count was still lower than expected due to wind.

August 3- Count: 1450

August 10- Count: 1265

A little smoky, may have affected the numbers.

August 17- Count: 698

Very smoky, affected the numbers. Bats may be beginning to leave the attic for the season. Back of the building wasn't counted.

Our bats were featured by Shaw TV!
Watch the video below to learn about the discovery of our beloved bats and how lucky Peachland is to have them.