Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society


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A D O P T  - A -  B A T

Funds raised through this program will go directly into BEEPS projects. Funds will allow us to:

  • Study and monitor our bats' behavior
  • Develop new programs to further enhance our commitment to the protection of our bats
  • Educate the public about these endearing and beloved bats

One year adoption is ONLY $25.00!

The program is a 1 year adoption that includes:
  • a membership to BEEPS
  • Official Certificate of Adoption
  • Bat Facts (Yuma Myotis and Little Brown)
  • Species Profile
  • Special Bat Gift
  • Updates of the life cycle of your bat
  • Special emails

This is a great gift for your children, grandchildren, niece, nephew... 
It's a perfect choice for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or a unique gift.
And it's not just for children- adopt a bat for an adult too!

Contact us at to begin your adoption today!