Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society


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Do you love the Peachland bats?
Do you want to contribute to their protection?

Become a BEEPS member for only $10 per year. 

Or for a three year membership, only $25!

Your support and membership will allow BEEPS to...

1. Purchase New Equipment - to monitor the bat's behaviour, size of colony, and the heat and humidity of the attic.

2. Educational Program Development - develop educational programs, including Bat Chats & other initiatives designed for the upcoming year(s).

3. Redesign the Interpretive Centre - redesign and build upon the current bat interpretive centre to bring fresh, engaging and educational information about all things BATS! 

4. Support Awareness of BEEPS Mission - your membership goes towards the continued success of BEEPS and its mission to promote the protection and preservation of our beloved Yuma bats in Peachland! 🍑

A member of BEEPS would receive newsletters and various other perks!

To become a member of BEEPS:

  • Come to the Peachland Visitor Centre or contact us by email to fill out your membership form and purchase the membership.



5684 Beach Ave. 

Peachland, BC

V0H 1X6